The Hospital

One of the interesting tools used to help treat patients was the The Electric-Therapeutic Treatment Machine.

Electricity has played an important part in medical treatment for a great many years with some effective results.

The Waites-Bartlet machine (shown above) is, in fact, a hand cranked generator. When turned at a high rate of speed it would build up enough current to be passed through various probes and electrodes. These intruments were inserted into the body orifices or placed externally on the patients afflicted area.

Great care had to be used to properly regulate the current according to the need of the specific problem, and when properly used it was claimed that many ailments, from warts to cancer, could be cured or greatly relieved with a specific number of treatments in each case. When a low vibratory voltage was generated, it was said to improve muscle tone. The machine could also produce x-rays.

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